Escaped . . .

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Escaped . . .

Post  cranknjack on Sun Oct 31, 2010 11:17 am

4 figures, 3 human, 1 wolf, colapsed. The youngest, Jake, rolled over, thinking of what the three of them had just done. "Guys, they will come looking for us. You do know that?" The wolf stood and growled, its eyes glowing white. The oldest, Megan, stood and slapped the demon. "No, Blade." Daren sighed and looked up at the clouds then at Blades legs. The chains still ratteled around his legs, dragging behind him. He smiled grimly at his old cross necklace. He, too, thought about what they had done: Escaping the highest-security vampire prison ever, running 5 miles hrough the forest. Even the fastest and strongest vamires thought that was too much. He shook his head, falling on his knees. Then, the sound of a gunshot. Megan stumbled backwards, her leg bleeding badly. She was more human than vampire, so the human won this fight. Jake and Daren grabbed her and ran together, Blade folowing.

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