Meditating, or is she? <<_<< >>_>>

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Meditating, or is she? <<_<< >>_>>

Post  cranknjack on Wed Sep 29, 2010 7:18 pm

Sara walked onto the sunny land, pale skin shimmering in the light. Her black eyeliner made her look like a vampire-wait, she was. Rane stood at her side, beging to howl and call prey near. Sara shook her head, signaling that they might have to leave town...again. She sat down and started to meditate, Rane sitting next to her, her wolf-eyes closed. Saras hands formed fists, blood slightly dripping through. She began to mumble... now she felt hungry; someone nearby was bleeding. She opened her eyes, now red. Rane nipped at her arm and Sara went back to meditating.

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